Tomorrow is the start of the 4th quarter and we'd like to finish the year out strong! I'd like to remind all students and parents of a few school policies that will be consistently enforced. First, friendly reminder that there are no hats allowed in the building. Students should remove their hats upon entering the building and can put it on again once they are outside. Wearing hats in the building is against school policy. If a staff member asks a student to remove their hat, they should do so immediately. Failure to do so could result in discipline for dress code violation and insubordination. Second, cell phones should not be out during instructional time. All students have Chromebooks to complete their work on and there is no need to use their cell phone. They are a distraction to the learning environment and against school policy. Finally, please bring Chromebooks to school charged every day. This is the student's responsibility! Parents, if you could reiterate these reminders to your students, I would greatly appreciate it. See you all tomorrow for the start of 4th quarter. Have a great evening!

- Mrs. Zobrist